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This Might Be the Most Well-Dressed Kangaroo We've Ever Seen

She may not be on any official best dressed lists, but we'd take style advice from this kangaroo any day. 

Boomeroo – who was adopted by Virginia resident Julia Heckathorn at just 3 weeks old – boasts an entire wardrobe of human clothing. Among the duds filling her closet: shirts, sweaters and dresses, all purchased from baby shops.


"When we first got Boomeroo, she was wearing a little shirt, and she's worn clothes ever since," Heckathorn, 28, told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "She loves her tops, and when I have to take her top off to clean it, she puts her arms out and waits for me to dress her again." 

And that's not Boomeroo's only human trait: The kangaroo also shares a true mother-daughter bond with Heckathorn. 

"To her, I'm her mum, and she follows me everywhere," said Heckathorn, a children's author. "When she sees me near, she makes this little sound, like an excited chortle." 

The Daily Treat: This Might Be the Most Well-Dressed Kangaroo We've Ever Seen| Animals & Pets, Unusual Pets, Wacky Animal Stories

Boomeroo also goes to school – well, sort of. Heckathorn often brings her marsupial to local schools in an effort to teach children about nature. What does the stylista don for such occasions? Formalwear, of course. 

But don't think her lavish lifestyle has made Boomeroo lose touch with her roots. In fact, she has six furry friends as roommates. 

After Boomeroo grew too big to sleep indoors, Heckathorn and her husband, Jason, built a special, temperature-controlled barn for her and their other pets, which include Larry the cat, Noche the anteater and four sugar gliders. Larry in particular has taken quite a liking to Boomeroo. 

"The two are now the best of friends, doing everything together," said Heckathorn. "They eat grass together, lay together and watch the birds together. It's adorable." 

Boomeroo will soon have a new human playmate, as well: Heckathorn is expecting a daughter and sees no reason why Boomeroo would experience any sibling rivalry with the baby. 

"I'm sure that [the baby] and the animals will be the best of friends," she said. 


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