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Family Of 'Giant' Ducks Decides To Visit Miniature Town

This cozy village in England has everything you might expect from a scenic little town — quaint cottages, colorful flower gardens, quiet waterways and a homey sense of calm and comfort. Babbacombe Model Village But there is one thing that makes it slightly out of the ordinary for a British


No One Can Believe This Shark Actually Exists

At first glance, basking sharks look a little scary. Not only are they humongous, but they have big, gaping mouths that look as if they can gobble up anything. But the basking shark’s frightening appearance is misleading — in reality, they’re the gentle giants of the ocean world. Basking sharks


Meghan Markle Took This Dog From Shelter Pup To Royalty

Three years ago, Guy the beagle was sitting in a Kentucky high-kill shelter just days away from being euthanized. He was found wandering all alone in the woods — and despite only being 3 years old, no one wanted to adopt him, and his owners never came forward to claim him. Guy right after he was


Kid Tricks Parents Into Adopting The Biggest Dog In The Shelter

Travis Ulman may only be in first grade, but he knows exactly how to get what he wants. The 7-year-old from San Antonio, Texas, is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his aims — even if it involves a bit of deception — and he’s usually successful. “Travis is super smart,” Ann Ulman, Travis’


Man Learns The Shocking Reason Why His Dog Won't Stop Pacing In A Circle

This is Kolento, a sweet-natured cocker spaniel who loves nothing more than experiencing all the sights, smells and tastes the outdoors has to offer. But recently, while on a walk around town with his owner Dion Lambrecht Finne, the dog's curiosity came with a very steep price.


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