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Therapy Dog Ricochet Surfs With Disabled People, Helping Them Heal

When my dog, Ricochet was born, I wanted her to be a service dog for a person with a disability. But, one day on the beach, she jumped on a surfboard with 14 year old, Patrick Ivison who is quadriplegic. I guess she thought I said SURFice dog®!

Despite my expectations, she stayed true to herself. Once I listened to her, she was able to help people in ways I never imagined possible.

For the last six years she’s been surfing with people with disabilities, kids with special needs, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD as an assistive aid and intuitive muse.

And, because I nurtured her natural tendencies, she has developed an extraordinarily powerful ability to make immediate, deep, heart-to-heart connections with the individuals she interacts with. She intuitively and emphatically alerts to their emotional and physical changes which allows for profound paws-on healing interventions. In Ricochet’s book I talk about how you can learn to read your dog better and nurture their natural talents. Thebook also includes stories of some of the individuals in these photos.

As a result, she balances boards… and balances lives!

More info: surfdogricochet.com | Facebook | Instagram | Amazon

Ricochet was 15 months old when she jumped on the surfboard with Patrick. It was that day she went from service dog to SURFice dog

Jill lost her leg to cancer, but that doesn’t stop her from being active! She uses Ricochet’s back as stabilizer to stand up. Once she’s up, she can let go!

Gina has autism, her self confidence has soared since surfing with Ricochet. She now owns her own surfboard!

Ricochet has no expectation for them to come into our world… instead, she goes into theirs


Ricochet instantly connects with people on a deep heart-to-heart level, providing healing both in and out of the water


Sabine posted on Ricochet’s facebook page asking if a woman without arms could surf. I guess you can tell how Ricochet responded!

Her powerful gift of intuition that allows her to make such deep heart-to-heart connections. The more she connects with people, the stronger her gift becomes

Caleb saw Ricochet surfing with kids on ESPN. When Make-A-Wish asked what he wished for, he said to surf with Ricochet. Sadly, six weeks later Caleb lost his battle with brain cancer. But not before he touched all our lives.

Ricochet is an Ambassador for Life Rolls On, an organization that empowers young people affected by spinal cord injury to enjoy the freedom and mobility of surfing

Jake has Ataxia Telangiectasia, a rare, neurodegenerative disease that causes disability. As his smile shows, that doesn’t stop him from hanging 10 with Ricochet

Ricochet has been surfing with wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD for the last four years. She intuitively alerts to their anxiety, and then helps to calm them

These two boys need a heart transplant. Ricochet held a fundraiser to raise awareness about organ donation

Ricochet has an incredible sense of empathy and often mirrors the military service members with PTSD, alerting to their anxiety, pain and other symptoms

West’s autism used to make him afraid of the water, and afraid of dogs. Now he not only surfs with Ricochet, but often helps in the water when other kids surf with her

Ian used to surf with his daddy. But his parents were killed in a car accident in which Ian also suffered a brain injury. He was afraid to go back in the water. That was, until he heard he could surf with Ricochet

Ricochet is able to instantly bond with strangers, often alerting to their emotional or physical changes

Ricochet is like a mirror to the people with whom she interacts, reflecting back their feelings with a sense of confidence

She’s the most sensitive to military with PTSD and children with autism

Ricochet is able to prevent panic attacks, melt downs and other anxiety provoking behavior

She is an advocate for staying true to yourself, anti-bullying and individuality

Ricochet is also a hero dog and therapy dog who lives a lifestyle of helping others by ‘pawing it forward’ while raising awareness & funds for human/animal causes… almost $400,000 so far.



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