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20 Dogs Who Shamelessly Delight In Being Jerks


As much as we love our dogs, they’re not always the most polite pups. Here are 20 of our favorite rude dogs from the Animals Being Jerks blog.

*Note: These pups are hilariously rude, but not necessarily appropriate for tiny hoomans. But you big hoomans get ready to laugh your tails off!*

1. “I’m sorry, were you sitting there?

2. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

3. “We don’t get a lot of hate mail here… but when we do, this is typically how we treat it.”

4. “Take a breath mint.”

5. “I feel like our relationship has lost its passion.”

6. “Get to steppin’!”

7. Derek got pretty carried away when he discovered his penis.

8. “No. More. BATHS!”

9. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Unless your dog’s a jerk.

10. The human wanted to be number one, but the dog wanted to make number two.

11. “Honey, I haven’t seen the dog since I finished all the raking…”

12. “He loves me. He loves me…” NOT!

13. Little known fact: Corgis. Hate. Lettuce.

14. It’s not being a jerk when it happens to a cat.

15. He wasn’t a licensed masseuse, but that didn’t stop him from running his illegal home massage parlor.

16. Insult to injury.

17. Your puppy will absolutely FLIP for the new taste of Purina puppy chow!

18. Leon never forgot the bath his owner gave him and the vow he made that day to get revenge.

19. Happy Birthday to the GROUND!

20. “Sharing is for the birds. I’m a dog.”



Featured image via Distractify

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