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5 Purrrfect Hacks Every Cat Owner Should Know

  You are now officially more clever than your cat! http://youtu.be/m6-voOTU0oM

Tips on Making Friends With a Timid Chinchilla

Chinchillas are lovely creatures and they make wonderful pets. They are intelligent although they can be a little strong willed when they want to be. The key to them being 'people friendly' is to ensure they have lots of contact with humans from an early age. When chinchillas are gently handled

So You Want to Adopt a Rabbit!

Thinking of adding an "Easter Bunny" to your family? From an early age, we see those ridiculously cute faces, twitching noses, long whiskers and, in some cases, irresistible floppy ears. They are just too cute. But many people don't realize how much it takes toproperly care for a rabbit. And, as a

Where to Find Aquarium Fish

Creating your own unique aquarium is a task which can be both fun and enjoyable for you and your family or it can be considered a chore if you have no idea where to begin. Before you even begin planning for your aquarium, you should certainly figure out where you will place such a large fish tank

Pet Tips from a Purina Vet: Should Cats Be Treated Differently than Dogs?

Do you treat your cat like a dog? Discover just how different cats and dogs really are. and what that means when it comes to how we should treat them. We often humorously draw comparisons between cats and dogs. But how truly different are they from one another? And how does that affect how we treat

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