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Super-Fan Team Creates Lord Of The Rings Litter Box And Sauron Scratching Post For Cats


The show Super-Fan Builds gives everyday people the chance to have something straight out of their wildest dreams. The show features a team of some of the top professional prop makers from Hollywood who build one-of-a-kind items for unsuspecting super-fans.

In light of the final Hobbit movie release, Tim Baker and his Super-Fan team decided to surprise one of the biggest Lords of the Rings fans out there.

Misha is such a big fan of The Lord of the Rings that he even named his cats Frodo and Sam. Hence why his girlfriend Dasha Bolotina nominated him for the show.

Right away the team went to work creating the perfect hobbit-inspired accessories to please both Misha and his two cats. The results are incredible! Check out the Lord of the Rings litter box and Sauron scratching post the team presented to a very surprised, and extremely excited, Misha.


The team started off at the drawing bored where the original ideas for the cat-friendly design were sketched onto paper. As the actual creation process starts the team must keep in mind that while the finished product must look good, it also must be durable enough to stand up to the weight of feisty kitty cats. After all, anyone that has cats knows when a cat finds a favorite toy, or scratching post, they can get very aggressive with it.

The house and tower were carved from a large block of foam. First, the basic shape is created in very rough form and then a curry comb is used to shape out the design perfectly.


The team knew that adding a round door to the hobbit hole was a must, but since cats don’t open doors they made a round entryway, sans green door.


Once the tower of Sauron was completely sculpted, the team added layers of ropes to it in order to give it a very uniquely cool look. The rope also ensures the cats actually want to use it for scratching. The team used over 650 feet of rope to wrap the tower from top to bottom.



The Eye of Sauron is made of cloth and stuffed with catnap, making this Lord of the Rings style scratching post downright irresistible to Frodo and Sam.


The house had to reflect all of the greenery that adorned the actual hobbit house. Lichen was collected, cleaned and dried to form much of the terrain on the house. Silks were also mixed in to add more dimensions.




“There’s nothing my crew can’t make at Tim Baker Creations.” This is so true, which is why anyone that gets nominated for this show is incredibly lucky.


They didn’t forget Hobbit’s tools or pot plants either; check them out near the windows.


“What?!” Is the first thing Misha gasps when the scratching post and litter box house are revealed. His girlfriend looks equally surprised and amazed during the reveal. Misha’s excitement continues to build. “That must have taken forever.” He says in complete shock, inspecting the endless details found throughout the incredible display.



Misha jokes that Frodo and Sam will soon have a fight as they battle it out for the hobbit hole. But his two cats prove too excited about their new props to have a catfight. Misha is equally delighted, saying he is the happiest Tolkien fan ever. The only creatures that might be happier are Misha’s over-enthused cats.


Check out the reactions from Misha and his cats, as well as a step-by-step overview how the project came to completion in the video below:


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