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Chicken, all breeds of chickens


Chicken, all breeds of chickens. Chickenis poultry. Chicken appreciated that brings a very tasty meat, and eggs. In this article we will talk about the chicken to find out what is the breed of chicken that is a bird, etc.

Chicken is the most common type of poultry. From chicken we have not only meat and eggs, but also down and feather.

Chicken originated from wild bankivskoy chicken, which lived in Asia. Today there are many materials that testify to the fact that the chicken was domesticated about 6000-8000 BC. in the South-east Asia and China.

Chicken breeds of chickens. On land there are a large number of chicken breeds, they differ in form, color, type of use, types of cultivation. Only in the European standard listed as about 180 breeds of chickens, all in the world there are many more.

Breeds of chickens, 5 types:

Meat chickens
egg chicken
meat and egg (obschepolzovatelnye) chickens
Fighting Chickens
decorative chickens
meat breeds of chickens, pomfret, Cornish, Cochin, langshan, faverol etc.

egg breeds of chickens – Leghorn, White Russian, etc.

meat and egg chickens – Australorp, amroks, viandot, golosheynaya, California gray, Kuchinsky Jubilee White Leningrad, Moscow is white, Moscow, New Hampshire, pantsirevskaya white and black, the Poltava clay, Rhode Island, Sussex etc.

Fighting chickens – azil, British Rumble, Indian black kulangi, Malay, Moscow Rumble and others

Decorative Chickens – Bantam, viandot Dwarf, Dutch black belohohlaya, Cochin dwarf, curly, paduan, silk, etc.

Chicken is very important in agriculture, she brings a lot of benefit to humanity. In general, chicken is a very big benefit for us.

The content of chickens, hens

The content of the chicken. When choosing premises for keeping chickens, we must remember that the air temperature must be between – 2 ° C to +27 ° C. At lower temperatures, the chickens get frostbitten combs and earrings, stop sweep consume 1.5 times more food, at a higher temperature in chickens deteriorating appetite, as a result they consume less feed, reduced their fatness and productivity of the hens lay eggs with thin shelled and unshelled.

Feeding chicken

With proper feeding chickens rush all year round. Ration for them should consist of whole grain and flour mixture, feed plant, animal and mineral origin.



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