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Build a Play Area for Your Guinea Pig Hutch

Your guinea pig hutch serves as your pet's home. It's their little space on earth. Like any ideal home, the hutch should have different areas your pet can go to. The hutch essentials are a nice soft place to lie down and a place for eating. Once these are in, and there's still space in the hutch, try to build a play area for your guinea!

Building play area will keep your pet entertained, and it will also help make sure they get enough exercise. Pets that are kept in cages tend to lack in the exercise department. However, if you build a place where they can run and explore, there's a good chance that this won't be a problem. There are several toys you can add to the play area, all of which your guinea is likely to spend time in. These include a sandbox, a climbing area, a wheel, and a chewing area.

Situate your sandbox in the rear of the hutch. A corner spot is a good place for it. The sandbox should be a little deep because guineas like digging. You can use a small old wooden box, the kind that are used for the packaging of some candles. These are usually tall, which is perfect. You can built a ramp going up to the sandbox, which makes it even more fun for your pet.

Opposite the ramp of the sandbox, you can set up a climbing station with a small cardboard tube, like the toilet paper cardboard rolls. This tube can lead to a ladder or a ramp that goes up and down. You can also add a dried out coconut shell, that's been slightly raised with wooden parts. This will serve as a little burrow for your pet, which they will love!

If you still have space, attach the every faithful rodent wheel on one side. Your pet will love this wheel, and they'll definitely get some great exercise from it! Finally, near the sandbox, you can set up a chewing center by laying down a few pieces of pesticide free fruit branches. These will serve as chew toys that can help keep our pet's teeth clean and strong.

To build everything just mentioned, you will need a pretty big hutch. If you don't have the space, don't worry. You can just choose one or two of these ideas for your pet to enjoy. Be sure your play area is not too difficult to take apart. You will have to do this from time to time in order to change the floor shavings and clean out the hutch.

When building a play area for your guinea pig hutch, feel free to get as creative as you can. Just be sure that your guinea will stay safe. Some play area designs involve ropes or dangling items which guineas sometimes get tangled up in. Remember to think about what your pet can and cannot do. While some designs may seem really cool, if they pose threats to your pet, they become completely uncool.



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