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Dog Became Mother to Orphan Kitty Scooter

A little ginger bundle of joy found Terry on his porch one day when he was only a few days old. Terry later introduced him to Molly the dog who took to the little fuzzball right away. Her motherly instinct kicked in and started grooming the little bitty boy. Remarkably, the kitten turned to Molly’s belly and began to nurse.

It was the moment when the two knew that they are meant to be together for life.

The little boy now named Scooter is Molly’s kitty. She has taught him how to walk, climb trees and watches over him whenever he is playing in the backyard. She is very protective of her little feline baby and doesn’t let him out of her sight. At the end of the day, they always snuggle together for a long nap.

Today Molly and Scooter are living happily together with another cat named Franklin.


Molly gives Scooter a bath

Molly took to Scooter right away when she saw him.

Molly watches over Scooter when they play in the backyard

Molly teaches Scooter to walk

Molly teaches Scooter to climb

Molly teaches Scooter to explore

Watching over her kitty

Molly watching over her kitty

Cuddle time!

Cuddle time!

Sleepy time

Sleepy time!

Giving Molly a kiss

Scooter all grown up today, giving Molly a kiss



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