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Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

This Halloween, whether you're headed out for trick-or-treat fun or you're going to a spook-tacular party, you and your pooch will need great costumes. Here are some ideas:

Sir Stink-a-Lot

One of the easiest and most popular pet Halloween costumes is the skunk, also known as the "Sir Stink-a-Lot." This is a favorite at pet stores and may also be found at costume shops.

Be warned: This one is sure to make people run in the opposite direction!

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Everyone loves a toga and dogs are no exception. This is an easy-to-make costume that is sure to win prizes for cuteness at any costume party. Just wrap some white fabric around your dog and tie it over one shoulder. Then, twist a crown of ivy around the head for a very authentic Roman look.

Hawaiian Hound

For the Hawaiian hound, wrap a grass skirt around the waist, put leis around the neck, and a flower behind the ear. Or dress your pooch as a tourist with a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and a toy camera around the neck. Aloha!

Bugs and Bees

Want to create a buzz in your neighborhood? Send out your pup dressed as a honey bee on Halloween night! Put a new twist on this classic costume by teaming up with friends and their dogs to go as an entire colony of bees. You can find bees, ladybugs and other interesting insect costumes at most pet stores and costume shops.

Bone Head

To create the "Bone Head," simply tie a plastic bone to the top of your dog's head using string, a scarf or a bandana. This costume is always good for some laughs!

Pooch Prisoners

Prisoner costumes are great for couples or groups and very easy to make. Just take a white shirt and make black stripes on it with a marker or fabric paint. Then, attach a prisoner number across the chest using safety pins or tape. If you're doing this one as a group, use rope to link yourself together in a "chain gang."

Barking Bride

Many pet stores carry the classic bridal costume for dogs. This is a favorite at parties and is sure to put your barking buddy in the running for a best costume prize, especially if you dress up as the groom!

Miss Canine USA

Is your dog a beauty queen or king? Well, pick up a crown at any costume shop or drugstore and make a sash out of paper. Customize your pageant winner with original titles such a "Mr. Four-Legged Florida" or "Miss Pennsylvania Pooch."

Cave Canine

This one is easy! Just get some animal-print fabric and drape it over your dog so that it ties over one shoulder. For an added touch of primitive glamour, tie a bone to the top of its head.

Mummified Mutt

Make this costume in less than five minutes by wrapping your dog in white gauze bandages. Make it even more ghastly by painting on "mold" with a green marker. This one never gets old!

Pet Halloween Costume Dos and Don'ts

No matter what costume you decide on, make sure your favorite four-legged friend is comfortable. Don't use costumes that are too tight or hot, and avoid letting your pooch lick or swallow anything toxic (e.g., glue) or that might present a choking hazard such a sequins, cotton balls or string.

With the right costumes, you and your pet will be the life of the party and the center of attention on Fright Night. You'll also be sure to score extra handfuls of delicious candy and pooch-perfect chewables when you make your neighborhood trick-or-treat rounds. Happy Halloween!



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