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Ruff! Prankster gives mom a fright with fake dog — again and again

When Jimmy O'Brien gave his little brother a stuffed German shepherd, he made sure it was a gift that kept on giving.

In addition to the fun his brother surely got out of the pooch, O'Brien had his own fun by turning the dog into a playful prank aimed squarely at their mom.


"My mom did not like [the dog]," O'Brien wrote in the caption accompanying a clip he uploaded to YouTube.

"Scared her about 5 times within 3 minutes."

Indeed, if anyone doubts his claims, they only need to watch the footage to see his mother's reactions as she comes face-to-face with the furry fake-out over and over again. But as it turns out, Mom doesn't have a general fear of dogs — it's just this one in particular.

"We own a dog," O'Brien told TODAY.com. "It was just something about that specific stuffed dog. It didn't even need to sneak up on her. You could say, 'Hey mom, look at this dog,' and she would still jump." 

O'Brien has a history of getting good-natured laughs at Mom's expense.

"I grew up always trying to prank or scare her," he recalled. "When I was 10, she was pregnant and told me I had to stop, otherwise I may never get the little brother that was on the way."

The only question that remains is one of revenge — as in, has his mother tried to get any since his latest stunt?

"She hasn't tried to get me back," he said. "Although the fake dog did disappear to an unknown location for a few weeks until my little brother finally found him again."

While the shepherd looks pretty cute to us, it's Mom's adorable reactions that make it all worthwhile. Be sure to check out the clip to see them all!



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