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Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone: How To Handle Losing A Pet

Pets can become part of you family or extended family and literally losing can be just as devastating as having one pass on. The good news is that in the first scenario you have hope of reconnecting with Fido or Fifi. The key however is keeping your cool, and making all the right decisions and moves.

Remember, your first response should never be to panic, but rather to take control of the situation, and in this case that means calling all shelters with a 60 mile radius to your home and/or place you lost your pet. And, you may also want to notify your (local) police and fire departments and some area veterinarians.

Next, make a poster or flyer including a recent picture of your pet, and make sure it highlights details of your pets face and proportions of its body. In your description be sure to list sex, age, colour, weight, the date and area your pet was last seen in, YOUR contact number, and any other necessary details. Then post fliers everywhere including schools, community centers, and even the pet food aisle of your local grocery store.



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