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The quarter of a million dollar society wedding... for a DOG (including $6,000 couture gown, $15,000 orchestra and $5,000 on sushi)

The $6,000 custom-fitted wedding dress is lacy and elegant -- but all the guests still say the bride is a dog. 

As in, she's actually a canine. Baby Hope, a tiny Coton de Tulear, will be the center of attention on Thursday when she walks down the aisle at a $250,000 doggy wedding, the most expensive animal nuptials ever, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The organizer, TV personality and animal rights activist Wendy Diamond, says she realizes the New York City event is ridiculous, but said it's all for charity.

The doggy wedding at Jumeirah Essex House is a high-society fundraiser for the Humane Society. 

'I know, how goofy is this? But it's for an amazing cause.' Ms Diamond told the New York Daily News.

Ms Diamond, the founder the Animal Fair media empire, enlisted the services of celebrity wedding planner Harriette Rose Katz -- who handled Billy Baldwin's 1995 marriage to Chynna Phillips. Ms Katz's usual fee is $25,500, though she donated her time for the event. 

In addition to the $6,000 dress for Baby Hope, Ms Diamond spent $5,000 on sushi and $15,000 on a seven-piece orchestra.

Floralia Decorators designed a $5,300 huppah floral canopy for the ceremony. 

'Baby Hope is a Jewish dog,' Ms Diamond told the Daily News. That means the ceremony will be 'inter-faith.'

The lucky groom is Chilly Pasternak, a poodle from Virginia that won an online vote to be Baby Hope's other half. 

Ms Diamond and Ms Katz both called in favors from their animal-loving friends so many of the items in the $250,000 price tag were donated or reduced-price. 

About 250 people, including socialites and celebrities, pare paying up to $10,000 to attend the lavish event. 

In all the hoopla, Ms Diamond admits she may have gotten a little swept off her feet herself. 

'It’s going to be the sweetest wedding -- and just one of the funniest evenings ever,' she told the Daily News. 

'I never need to get married, now, because this wedding has everything.'



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