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Human Home Converted Into Ultimate Playground For 8 Rescue Cats

It takes a special kind of cat parent to turn her home into the ultimate cat playground, complete with built-in perches and lookouts.

Reddit user prttyprttypony uploaded these photos of her 8 eight cats enjoying the customized jungle gym she built for them.




"I live next to an abandoned parking lot and I think a lot of people dump their cats there," she posted on Reddit, explaining how she wound up with such a big family of kitties.

"I've gotten a lot of strays over the years and so being the sucker I am, I take them in."




The cats can spy on their mom from multiple vantage points. Just in case she pulls out the treats.




The 8 cats can leap gracefully from platform to platform, daintily traversing the bridge their mom carefully assembled.

Some of the cats are more graceful than others.






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