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12 Animal Pairs Who've Nailed The Art Of Cuddling


Baby, it's cold outside. So stay inside, and let these cuddle masters school you on the cutest way to keep warm.

1. First rule of cuddling: the more, the merrier!




2. The level of enthusiasm for the cuddle may vary among the participants ...




3. ... but soon enough everyone will find his happy place.




4. It doesn't matter how big — or small! — you may be.


(Reddit: Now_runner)


5. It's all about location, location, location! For example, the paws of others ...




6. ... the backs of others ...




7. ... or a soft, cozy bed.




8. It's perfectly fine to BYO buddy!




9. Remember, cuddling is a contact sport, so make sure you stay close ...


(Reddit: Keitarovonuba)


10. ... until you're just a big ol' pile of askew limbs.


(Reddit: cabeleirae)


11. So, grab your cuddle buddy and follow these steps ...


(Reddit: Wilansym)


12. ... and you'll be sure to have the sweetest dreams.





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