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Horses. Horse Breeds.


Horses (an armor. Equus) — a unique modern sort of family of horse group not artiodactyl.


Fruitfulness of mares raises to 11 – 12-year-old age, then gradually decreases, but not always in regular intervals. To 20-25-old age stallions keep fruitfulness. Record playfulness and load-carrying capacity of ahorse show at the age of 5-8 years, and high working productivity keep till 12-15 years. Further these qualities decrease. The greatest number of winners receive from mares at the age of 6-13 years and stallions of 12-13 years.

Thus, the numerous data testifies that at high-grade feeding, the good maintenance and use keeps high fruitfulness and efficiency long time:

Horses — normal fruitfulness and high working qualities till 12-15 years.

Breeds of horses in the world set. Allocate and some types of horses, each of which have the mission. For leisure — entertainments, horse walks on the nature — use walking horses of “hobby-class”. For tourism, riding — sports horses, for  tests — race and. In Russia the fifth part concerns them from a 2-million livestock of horses. In raboche-polzovatelnyh — about 1,5 million, though requirement for them of time in three-four above.

Horse Breeds:

The Arabian horse
The Oryol trotter
Achaltekin breed
Golshtinsky breed
The Hanover breed
Thoroughbred riding breed
English bloodstock
English-normannskaja horse
The percheron
The Belgian horse
The Karabakh horse
The Swedish pony
The Hungarian horse
The Scottish pony
Jorkshirsky horse
Oldenburg horse
Trakenensky horse
Kabardian horse)
The Swede (breed of horses)
The steppe Turkic
Kalmyk horse
The Don horse
The Oryol trotter.

Recently the impression began to develop that horses are doomed to disappearance, after all their draft abilities are ever less necessary to the person. But in respect of carrying out of rest and interest to this animal began to increase in the sports purposes. Fruitfulness, working capacity (playfulness), type of a constitution and an exterior — here the basic modern economic-useful signs of horses. At horses low fruitfulness owing to objective physiological features. Only 60-65 % of mares are impregnated after insemination. Heritability of fruitfulness is insignificant (0,03-0,05), and selection to this sign is inexpedient. Improvement fertility a uterus needs perfection of conditions of environment: leaving, feeding, the maintenance. Playfulness of a horse depends on many factors: physiology, nervous system, body anatomy. The average estimation of heritability of playfulness makes 0,35-0,40 (moderated), depends on many genes, some of which operate is additive. To possess high playfulness (working capacity), the horse should possess an excellent exterior.

Estimations of measurements of a body have heritability from 0,3 to 0,8. The majority of estimations moderated that speaks about the big prospects on perfection of type of a constitution. From correlations certain communications between excitability and playfulness of animals, color and playfulness are marked, but while not enough attention was given to this question.

Existence of various breeds of horses testifies to efficiency of selection. It is enough to pay attention to a difference between a pony and a horse. Amblers, trotters, thoroughbred,  etc. — result of rigid selection on the limited number of signs.



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