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When life hangs in the balance, nothing matches a dog's instincts. Check out these incredible stories of dogs leaping to their owners' rescue.

When there's someone in need, man's best friend has been known to jump into action and become a lifesaving first responder. These incredible "dog saves owner" stories pay tribute to five brave Pit Bull heroes that have shown us all that we can depend on our canine friends to pull through in times of need.

Ace Earns His Name

When 13-year-old Nick Lamb decided to take a nap, he removed his cochlear implants — electronic devices that help those who are deaf to hear a sense of sound. While he slept, a fire broke out, but Nick couldn't hear the smoke alarm without his hearing devices. Ace, his two-year-old Pit Bull, rushed to Nick's bedside and licked Nick's face until he woke up and ran out of the house with Ace to safety.

When in Doubt, Call 911

US Marine Terry McGlade suffered from PTSD and seizures ever since he was wounded by an IED in Afghanistan. When Terry suffered a seizure, his trained rescue dog, Major, did what any attendant would do: Dial 911! He pawed McGlade's iPhone, dialing 911 a total of 10 times. Although the dispatcher repeatedly hung up — dismissing it as a prank call — Major kept on dialing. When the dispatcher finally sent the EMTs, Major greeted them outside the house and led them to McGlade.

The Nose Knows

On his fourth day as a fostered dog, TaterTot earned a permanent spot in the Smith family. Using his sharp sense of smell, TaterTot detected a change in four-year-old Peyton Smith's blood sugar levels. He found Peyton barely able to breathe and incoherent, and led Peyton's mom to his side. Doctors in the ER determined that Peyton's blood sugar was at a critically low level. Christi Smith was so grateful to TaterTot, she told the St. Paul Pioneer Press, "I owe him for the rest of his life."

Merciful Intervention

Four-year-old Mercey came to the aid of her owner when intruders broke into her apartment. When they became violent, Mercey jumped to the rescue, sustaining critical injuries after one of the intruders retaliated with a weapon. However, when Mercey required lifesaving surgery, the officers on the case stepped in to help pay for her medical expenses.

A Date with Destiny

When Wayne Myers brought home a two-year-old Pit Bull named Destiny as a watch dog for his kids, he didn't realize how spot-on his protective instincts would prove to be. One night while he was working on his car, Myers heard Destiny barking furiously. He bolted into the backyard just in time to see a man running away. While his sons were picking up their toys, the stranger grabbed one of Myers' sons and attempted to pull him over the fence. When Destiny charged at the man, though, he released the boy and ran.

These "dog saves owner" stories all prove that when life hangs in the balance, you trulycan't beat a dog's instincts.

Do you know any dog heroes who've stepped up to rescue their owners? Tell us your story in the comments!



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