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Leash-Free Dog Park Etiquette

Leash-Free Dog

Dog parks are often full of groups of proud pet owners, happily watching their dogs enjoy some playtime with their own kind. "Off-leash" dog parks, however, are a fragile thing: citizen complaints about dogs running wild or owners who don't pick up after their pets can lead to these valuable parks being shut down.

Good "dog park etiquette" can help to save your local dog parks! Here are a few etiquette tips:

- Keep your pet on leash if there isn't a sign stating that dogs may run off-leash.

- Always carry a leash. You never know when you may need it.

- Don't let your dog harass other pets, people, or wildlife. Keep in mind that some dogs like rough play while others don't. Likewise, there are some people (yes, even "dog people") who are intimidated by big dogs or dogs they don't know.

- Make sure your dog has reliable recall. Coming back when called is for your dog's own safety as well.

- Always keep your dog in sight and within voice range. Don't assume someone else will keep an eye on your pet.

- Make sure your dog is up-to-date on his vaccinations.

- Don't bring female dogs in heat to the dog park.

- Don't bring young puppies. Their immune systems are not yet fully developed.

- Never bring more dogs than you can handle if a situation were to arise.

- Use common sense when bringing intact male dogs. If you know your intact dog has a tendency to engage in fights, then the leash-free park isn't an appropriate place to bring your dog.

- If your dog starts behaving aggressively, leash him immediately and leave.

- Leash-free areas are not suitable for aggressive dogs.

- No digging! Holes are a hazard and can cause another dog or a person to trip and injure themselves. If you catch your dog digging a hole, stop him and then fill in the hole.

- Respect the rules of the dog park.

- Clean up after your dog... every time!



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