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21 Best Animal Smiles To Make You Happy!

Is your face feeling a little on the long side? If so we’ve got the perfect post to cheer you up! If these snap happy animal smiles won’t make you grin, nothing will! Scroll down and share your faves and make the World smile too!

Could this pup be any happier? Source: uplifd.com



This fish is definitely chuffed about something… Source: imgur

smiling fish

Pure rodent bliss!  Image credits: Andrea Zampatti

smiling rodent

Have you ever seen a happier hedgehog? Image credits: Ronnie Bergström

smiling hedgehog

This cat is in snow paradise! Image credits: Alina S

smiling snow cat

We’re not sure what this guy is so happy about but it’s definitely something! Image credits: Sylvain Cordier

smiling sea lion

Hee haw! This donkey has got a smile on its dial! Image credits: Jackson Carson

smiling donkey

Happy or somewhat scary? We’ll let you be the judge… Source: imgur

smiling turtle

This one gives new meaning to the saying ‘the cat that got the cream.’ Image credits: Luisa Puccini

smiling lion

This bird looks like it’s learning to say ‘cheese’ for the first time! Source: mutantminds.com

smiling bird

This pup’s smile looks slightly false… Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it’s in a bit of a headlock! Image credits: Chris Gamel

smiling hyena

Everyone loves sausage dogs but this happy pup is particularly adorable! Image credits: Allen Skyy Enriquez

smiling sausage dog

What’s the bet this little guy is dreaming of something sweet? Source: imgur

smiling mouse

This baby giraffe is looking a little bit smug about something… Source: imgur

smiling giraffe

This frog is giving his best George Clooney impression. Source: turtlehurtled.com


If there was a winking competition for owls, this suave feathery friend would take the cake! Image credits: Nemodus

smiling owl

Who would’ve though stingrays had a sense of humour? Source: imgur

smiling stingray

Who could resist those gorgeous big brown eyes? Source: reddit

smiling monkey

Talk about a pampered pet that knows it! Image credits: Maureen Ravelo

smiling pup

This baby elephant just loves to run! Image credits: Duncan Noakes


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