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17 Times These Cats Loved Summer Produce

Summer’s nearly over, but Shironeko’s family of cats will always love fresh fruits and veggies.

1. “Ah, the majestic tomato.”

2. “These onions have never made me cry, I dunno what you’re talking about!”

3. “Have you ever seen a prettier melon?

4. “This is a gourd-eous vegetable, if I do say so myself.”

5. “Oh, lettuce. You just get me.”

6. “Good thing these are too little to squash us!”

7. “It was berry nice to see you today.”

8. “I will guard this very special carrot with MY LIFE.”

9. “These peaches are almost as fuzzy as I am!”

10. “Water you waiting for? It’s nap time, silly. I always nap like this.”

11. “I’m glad we can share this zucchini together, like any true family would do.”

12. “These beans are as dark as my mood. Alas, such is the risk of summer.”

13. “Tiny eggplants for all!”

14. “Lettuce just makes an excellent hat. Truly top notch sun protection!”

15. “Who DOESN’T dress up for melons??”

16. “Corn on the cat!”

17. “We’re the plum chums!”

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