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Things to know about vaccinations


So you gave your dog his/ her vaccination?


Do you know what was given?


Best is to do a little research on the brand used. Some vaccines can be given every 2 years, some every 3 years, some annually.

Then you get the 3 in 1, 5 in 1, 7 in 1 vaccines, which work well but remember which age group these vaccines are meant for.

If you give a adult vaccine for a puppy less than 3 months old, the vaccine won't be so effective as it should be because of mother's natural immunity been already passed down to the puppy via the milk.


Some vets may decide to give vaccines together to save time. This is not good too as vaccines can clash with each other if given together and most probably you would get a infective vaccine. Only vaccines modified or made compatible should be given the same day.

Puppy vaccination is the most important. Your vet should ideally give vaccines made for puppy. These vaccines such as PUPPY DP have the word puppy written on the bile. These vaccines are made so that they do not clash with the mother's immunity that had already been passed down.

A vaccine takes about 2 weeks to take effect. Some breed such as Rottweiler and Dobermans’ may need additional parvo vaccines, as they are naturally weak for this virus.


Rabies is given annually for your legal reasons.


Vaccinations are 95% effective.


It is also very important that vaccines are stored properly. If there is a power cut, vaccines could get spoilt especially during transport.

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