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2014 was many things, but it certainly wasn't dull. Here's some of my favorite photos from some of our most memorable moments this past year.

30.12014 started with snow 30.2Lots and lots of snow 30.3It also marked Eko turning the big 3 30.4We took some fun trips - the Beggin' Pet Parade was a blast 30.5I got the girl!  30.6We moved apartments, comfortably of course 30.7I got another girl too! 30.8Penny fit right in with the gang 30.9And her charm was too much to resist 30.91These two became inseparable 30.92Penny grew in leaps and bounds 30.93And in length too, of course 30.94She's nearly Eko's match! 30.95We had lots of firsts, like Penny's first dog-ice-cream-cone 30.96And her first boat ride 30.97We were lucky to spend the year with plenty of friends from every species 30.98We found time for some mischief 30.99And there were shenanigans. There's always shenanigans. 30.991We loved a good pup, we lost a good pup, and we live with a reminder to always choose the moments that blow back your hair 30.992We rounded out the year with some wonderful holiday time with our families 30.993What will next year bring? It's hard to see 30.994But whatever 2015 may bring, we'll face it together with all the love and joy we can muster

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