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15 Pets Who Went From Trash (Literally) To Treasure

What is wrong with people? These sweet pets were all thrown out with the trash. Thankfully they've found humans who recognize them for the loving family members they are.

1. "Heard meowing coming from the dumpster — found her in a trash bag. now she's mine."



2. "Found her in a trash can next to my apartment. "



3. "Born in a pile of trash and not looking back."



4. "Found this little guy digging in the trash, on the brink of death from malnourishment. Numerous vet bills and 2 months later, he's as happy and healthy as can be."



5. "This is our kitten, two days after I found him stuck in some trash."



6. "We found Lucky when he was only a few days old in a trash can."



7. "Two years ago someone left her in a trash can. How could you not love this face?"



8. "In 2004 I found her abandoned in the stairwell when taking out the trash, she's been loving me to bits ever since."



9. "Meet Ollie the kitten, rescued from a trash can in Pasco County, Fl."



10. "I found her trapped in a trash can. Her name is Shadow."



11. "My sister found this kitten in the trash can, so we named him Mr. Garbage. We love him to bits."



12. "Found on the side of a garbage strewn street with his pelvis broken in three places. Now 4 months later, he's tearing and leaping and clowning around. Presenting Achilles the Wonder Beast."



13. "Found her in a dumpster at the back of a Krispy Kreme in the pouring rain."



14. "Found this little girl by the dumpsters downtown. I nursed her back to health, took her to the vet, and gave her lots of love. I think she's liking her new home."



15. "Here's a picture of my daughter and Jimmy, we rescued him from a dump on Fuerte Ventura. He is the nicest little dog I know."



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