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10 Things You Never Knew About Chihuahuas

Although they're little, they are fierce. Here are 10 things you know about know chihuahuas.

1. You shouldn't poke their heads.

Chihuahuas have soft spots on their heads called a molera, like a human baby. Unlike a human, some of them have their soft spots for their entire lives.

2. There are two different kinds of Chihuahuas.

Their classification is entirely dependent on the shape of their heads. Deer-head Chihuahuas have a more narrow-shaped head and longer snouts. Apple heads have rounder heads with shorter snouts.

3. You shouldn't mess with them.

Although they're small, they can be very aggressive and protective. In order to combat this, owners are told to socialize them at an early age. 

4. We might have Christopher Columbus to thank for them.


Experts are sure that Chihuahua's originated in Mexico, but there is still some debate about how they got to Europe. Some people think Christopher Columbus may have had something to do with it because he once wrote a letter to the King of Spain referencing Chihuahuas.

5. They used to be bigger.

Earlier versions of the Chihuahua were much larger than the tiny pups we know today. They were later crossbred with a smaller hairless dog from Asia, some think it was the Chinese Crested and that's how they got their small stature.

6. The world's smallest dog is a Chihuahua.

Brandy measures 6 inches from nose to tail.

7. They come from Mexico.

The tiny dogs are descendants of a breed called the techichi which were kept as lapdogs. 

8. In 2014, a feral pack took over a town in Arizona.

A feral pack of Chis were running around harassing townspeople and teaming up with bigger dogs. Residents made more than 6,000 calls to animals control about the Chihuahuas.

9. They're very smart.

Chihuahuas have the largest brains in the dog world relative to their bodies. They're easy to train and are quick to learn new commands. 

10. The Taco Bell dog was quite successful.

Gidget is the real name of the Taco Bell dog and she was found in a kennel. Along with a ton of Taco Bell commercials, she was also in a GEICO commercial and Legally Blonde 2.



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