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Toy Dog Breeds

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs serve one major purpose for their families, and they do it well: provide an endless source of happiness and smiles. Their small bodies, big eyes, and expressive faces are hard for most people to resist. But don’t let their small stature fool you – toy breeds can definitely run with the “big dogs.

” Toy breeds are extremely popular among city residents and those who live in apartments without much outdoor space, though these dogs can be just as happy on a sprawling estate with lots of land to explore. They probably won’t go far, however, because toy breeds are the original lap dogs. They enjoy the company of their human friends, and are rarely more than a few steps away from the ones they love.

Breeds in this group can be a handful to train, though often times poor behavior has more to do with the owner than the dog. It’s hard to be firm with a pet that can melt a heart with a few bats of the eyes. With consistent training, however, owners can avoid the yapping, nipping, and other behavioral issues that are so common among small dogs. Toy breeds are often fearful. That’s because owners tend to over-protect their pets from the world around them. Toy breeds are small and prone to injury, but owners must let their little friends explore the world on their own in order to become more comfortable with the people, animals, and noises they encounter each day.

Toy breeds are excellent choices for first time pet owners, as they shed less, eat less, and despite their big personalities, are much easier to handle than a larger dog. They are also great companions for seniors and empty nesters who are able to focus their full attention on their pet.

Toy Dog Breeds

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