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At the dog park, your pet can meet new friends and reconnect with long-lost relations. Read how one pup even met his own brother!

One day at the dog park, Joe Breed spotted another dog that looked just like his pooch, Stanley. It turned out that the doppelganger is actually Stanley's litter mate and brother.

Here's one of the most incredible dog park stories you'll ever hear — with a chance encounter almost too good to be true.

One Lucky Encounter

Joe's pooch, Stanley, is a 2-year-old Havanese. He's playful, energetic, and very intelligent, and he also loves going to the dog park. One day, Joe and his fiancée, Kari, took Stanley to the dog park just like any other day. When they got there, they noticed a dog that looked very similar to their own off in the distance. Stanley ran right over and began to play.

Joe and Kari started talking to the other dog's owner. She confirmed her dog (named Bonzo) was also a Havanese that was about 6-months old — which happened to be exactly how old Stanley was. From there, the group determined that they both adopted their pups from the same breeder in New Hampshire, where they had picked their dogs up on the very same day. It was true — their dogs were indeed litter mates!

An Instant Connection

The two brothers connected instantly. It was like they knew each other at first sight! The second Stanley spotted his brother, he immediately ran over to play. The two pups then ignored all other dogs at the park and played exclusively with one another. "It was adorable," Joe says, "but it was so sad when we finally had to leave. They kept looking back at each other."

The Best of Friends

The two identical pups are now best friends. They see each other at the dog park at least once a month and meet up for a few play dates here and there. The funny thing is how similar the two pups are to one another. "Not only do they look alike, but they have nearly identical personalities and know the same tricks, too," Joe says. "They truly are brothers."

It was destiny that these two pups were able to meet again in this wide world. Now, they can continue to be best of friends for life.

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