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Pet Foxes Save Their Owner From Depression

Odin and Frigga are an interesting little pair. They’re my pet domesticated red foxes! Odin, the white marble, is a sweet little cuddle monster who loves to get into mischief, to say the least. He was bought from a licensed breeder and has been living with me for a couple of months now. Frigga, the silver kit, was born on our farm by her two parents, Pepper and Templeton.

She’s a sweetheart, but don’t take her stuffed monkey!

Every day starts off with the kits pouncing all over me, yipping for food. After breakfast, the rest of the day is pretty eventful. Playing, ripping up squeaky toys, getting into arguments with each other, and then an afternoon walk before dinner are the basic components of their day. During the walks, of course, we get some funny looks and people asking lots of questions! Odin and Frigga both love the attention, and they welcome other peoples’ dogs with excited foxy noises and tail wagging. The neighborhood people love them, and we’ve had several requests for puppy-fox play dates! Frigga and Odin are both happy about those.

These foxes have imprinted on me, so they see me as their best friend. The two can get on my nerves sometimes, but it’s all worth it in the end. These foxes have basically given me a reason not to sleep all day, and they’ve given me the motivation to take care of them as well as myself.

Side note: Remember that foxes are not legal everywhere. Many places allow them, so if you’re considering taking one in, be sure it’s legal and do your research!

More info: Instagram

Frigg’s encounter with Astrid

Frigga mostly just likes to sleep, snuggle her stuffed monkey, and get into trouble!

Sunbathing under the window

She sleeps with me most nights, and wakes me up the next day by pouncing on my feet.

“Stop taking pictures of me, ma!”

She’s also probably sick of the pictures…

Odin and his new best friend, Riley the German Shepard

Odin’s favorite thing to do is play with our German Shepard, Riley. Fox and the Hound, perhaps? They jump around and play chase, but don’t worry – it’s all playful.

Frigg and Odin

These two will imprint on each other and stay best friends forever. Without the other, one would surely be heartbroken.


Odin, looking like a baby polar bear

Even though they’re almost too cute to handle, owning foxes is a huge responsibility, as well as a wonderful experience. They’re a lot of work, especially when you own five! They can be destructive, smelly, and loud. But if you have time, patience, and a lot of love, they will love you back their whole lives.

Encounter with Mordecai, the real grumpy cat.



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