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Adopt a Senior Dog and Adopt Everlasting Love


Walking through the kennels at animal control is one of the saddest things Ive ever done. It is so difficult knowing that you are choosing one sweet dog over another, while knowing the possible outcome for the other dog.
We walked kennel after kennel looking for a dog that would fit in perfectly with our family. We were looking for a dog that was calm,would be fine being alone while we were working, that knew basic commands and that would love evening walks!
The kennel worker thought that a senior dog would fit the bill.  We were a little shocked that dogs are considered seniors at five years old.  For a dog that may live 15 to 20 years, that seems pretty young to have the senior label.
While talking to the kennel worker we asked why the dogs were in the shelter had they done bad things causing their families to abandon them? Dogs are usually brought to the shelter when owners dont have enough time for the pet or the owner is moving and couldnt take the dog to their new home. Senior dogs are also less likely to be adopted over puppies.
After some discussion we decided that wed consider a senior dog. We knew the puppies would easily find homes. We were surprised by how many different breeds there were to choose from, even pure breed. We choose three senior dogs that we wanted to meet and, one by one, we spent some time with them in the meet and greet area. We finally decided we wanted to adopt a beautiful golden retriever with the soulful eyes, named Harold!
Harold has been in our home now for almost a month. Hes been the perfect addition since the moment he arrived, already potty trained, and he seems to know that we saved him. He is so loving and grateful. We giggle every time he asks to sleep with us because he is so polite and he is so excited when he is given permission to jump up on the bed for a snuggle. We have had to learn to sleep on half a bed so he has room to stretch out which we never thought we could love anyone enough to give up half of our bed!

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