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Where to Find Aquarium Fish

Creating your own unique aquarium is a task which can be both fun and enjoyable for you and your family or it can be considered a chore if you have no idea where to begin. Before you even begin planning for your aquarium, you should certainly figure out where you will place such a large fish tank in your home.

Once everything has been squared away and properly measured, think about what types of scenery and fish you want to place in your aquarium. Also, consider a variety of different options for keeping the fish tank clean. An always popular selection is the automated filter which will run throughout the day or on a schedule and can do a very respectable job of keeping the tank sparkling clean month after month. Once everything has been planned and only once everything else has been planned, then you can determine which variety of aquarium fish you would most like to have in your high quality custom fish tank.

While you may be rather impressed by the vastness of the selections of a variety of different fish retailers, there are several things to look out for when selecting the fish for your aquarium. Firstly, while it is popular for people to visit pet stores that have a variety of pets like Target or Wal-Mart has a multitude of products, these stores are not always the best bet for fish. Even though they may have some of the lower end fish which you are considering purchasing, they will not usually have any of the higher end tropical fish which can thrive in many aquariums. Furthermore, such a large pet store will generally be focused on selling more of its high priced animals like dogs, cats and birds and any sales associates will probably not be too informed about the fish which they sell in their store. Also, fish run a risk of being malnourished and under cared for in pet variety stores.


Therefore, instead of purchasing your prized fish at a multi-purpose pet store, you should instead visit a fish specialty store. These stores are great for individuals who wish to create their own new aquarium, as the sales associates are always well versed in everything to do with fish � from how to care for them to what types of decoration in the tank certain fish like, fish specialty store workers always seem to know exactly what is best for any given fish. Also, a fish specialty store will carry a far greater selection of fish, ranging from goldfish at rock bottom prices to several hundred dollar rare tropical fish. No matter what type of fish you would want to order, such a store can generally get it for you � even if that fish is not a part of their in store inventory.


If you live in a small town or a place without any major pet stores, you may have to resort to ordering fish online. While this has recently become a relatively common practice among connoisseurs of high quality aquarium fish, there are still some risks involved. The two major problems faced by people who order online fish is that they are not able to pick out the specific fish they want and can only select by the species and also there have been reports of fish arriving either dead or dying after a rough shipping process.



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