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Let It Snow: Animals Who Can't Get Enough of the White Stuff

Animals Playing in the Snow: Video

While folks in Buffalo, New York, are asking for an end to the snow already, animals around the world are begging for more. 

Wild or domestic, most critters go crazy when their paws get ankle-deep in the winter precipitation. Some – such as tigers, red pandas and seals – are built for frolicking in the snow, but even those you'd think might fear the cold see snow as a winter wonderland waiting to be explored, as evidenced here.


Baby Seal Diva

After spending all of her life in the cold, icy bliss of Antarctica, this baby seal knows all the best moves. 

Stetson the Horse

Stop, drop and roll works especially well when you are surrounded by snow. 

Snowboarding Crow

It's time to hit the slopes – the roof slope, that is. 

Tunneling Ferrets

If you're ever stuck in a snowstorm, forget the St. Bernard and hire a team of ferrets to tunnel you out instead. 

Chill Chinchilla

With a built-in fur coat this luxurious, a stroll in the snow is just a walk in the park. 

Digging Rabbits

They're not the speediest igloo architects, but they certainly are the cutest. 

Bailey the Dog

For Bailey's next trick she is going to disappear and then reappear ... and then disappear again. 

Polar Bear Cub

Shaun White better watch out! This polar bear has only hit the powder a few times, but he is already handling it like an adorable pro. 

Siberian Tiger

The trick to being a successful tiger is staying regal under any and all circumstances – 2-3 inches of accumulation included. 

Curious Cat

When curiosity isn't killing the cat, it's showing the feline a really good time. 

Tumbling Panda

Da Mao's snow gymnastics make winter just a touch more bearable. 

Red Panda Twins

Looking cute in the snow? Two kinds of panda can play that game. 



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