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Cats: The Self Groomers

Did you know that cats groom themselves all the time? This means that when you get one for yourself as a pet then you don’t have to invest a lot into their grooming. Maybe this is the reason why cats are such self sufficient creatures. It’s a well-known fact that a cat is a lot less needy than a dog, maybe because she knows how to take care of herself.

Cats learn to self-groom from their mothers. It’s a learnt behavior that they start practicing from two weeks of age. Since it’s an acquired trait, if the mother is not very conscious about her grooming then chances are that her little kitten won’t pay much attention to it as well.

Cats groom themselves by licking every part of their body, from mouth, shoulders, legs to her genitals, tail, etc. They lick their body to arouse the production of sebum, which helps in lubricating their fur and also helps in getting rid of parasites and dirt.

Those of you who have a cat for a pet might wonder from time to time where your cat disappears for hours at a stretch. The truth is cats utilize a lot of time in a day to sit somewhere private and lick themselves clean. This is the most personal time in the day for them and they generally don’t like much interaction around this time.

But if you notice that your cat is grooming herself excessively and has even started to lick herself bald from many places then it’s a sign that she is in great discomfort emotionally or physically. You should take her to the vet immediately. Also, if you think that your cat isn’t licking herself clean very often then it could too mean that she is not in a good state of mind.

Sometimes cats lick each other to comfort each other. They take the help of other cats to lick the places that they can’t reach themselves. This is more like a social thing in the cat community than anything else. So if you find your cat getting licked by some other cat then don’t get hysterical, it’s natural in their world.

Just because cats are finicky about their appearances and are independent by nature doesn’t mean that you can’t extend some help from your side. You can also groom her by brushing her fur softly and bathing her every other day to make sure that she is dirt free. This will also ensure a fun interaction session for you and your kitty.  

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