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Pet Rabbit Care

Pet Rabbit

What do pet rabbits eat?

Rabbits would eat just about anything so be careful what you give them. They need to have Timothy hay at will and some Timothy based pellets every day but not more than a quarter of a cup daily. Also give them a handful of greens daily such as spinach, parsley, broccoli and celery.

Fruits should be given in moderation as treats. Never give them cereal bars,salty or sugary snacks,nuts or corn.


Should you give a pet rabbit to a child?

Most of the times rabbits are given as easter gifts to young children. Unfortunately, kids loose interest in the rabbit after a few weeks and it is unrealistic to expect them to handle the care. This is the reason why most rabbits ended up at animal shelters. Only adults are able to fully understand the animal needs and should be the primary care giver for the rabbit. Children may dislike the fact that the bunny wont play with them like a dog or a cat.

Pet Rabbit

Can pet rabbits be kept outside?

Unlike what most people think, domestic rabbits are much better off inside rather than outside. Outdoors rabbits are not doing well in wet, cold or hot temperatures. They can overheat very easily. Also predators such as cats,dogs, pray birds or raccoons can scare them to death just by being around them. They will be prone to diseases and fly bites and their life expectancy will be greatly reduced. Limited space and boredom will make their life miserable.

Does a pet rabbit smells and makes a mess in the house?

Rabbits are very clean and tidy animals. They can easilt be litter trained like a cat when they are spayed or neutered. They also clean themselves like cats and their fur smells nice. Get a good absorbent litter made of recycled newspaper and scoop out the litter box every other day and you will never have urine odors in your house. Stay away from scented wood chips that can be toxic for the rabbit.

Pet Rabbit

How much does pet rabbit care cost?

If you were told that rabbits are low cost maintenance pets, you will soon find out the opposite. A pet rabbit cost as much to care for than a cat or a dog. They need to be spayed or neutered and to be taken to the vet once a year. Food ,hay,litter and vegetables costs slowly but surely add up to. You also need to find a vet that is specialised in rabbits, not just dogs and cats



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