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Tell tales about cat tails


Tail tales

Cats are one of the most expressive domesticated animals. Facially and vocally (cats can make over 100 different vocal sounds) they communicate their pleasures and displeasures to us.

But what about their tails? With between 18 to 20 vertebrae, the tail can be used as a barometer into the feline mind.

Take a look at your cat’s tail and learn to read its moods.

If your cat’s tail is…

• A curved, S-shaped tail; signifies relaxation and contentment.

• A tail positioned straight up in the air, with a slight curve at the end, shows curiosity and excitement.

• A fully erect tail with a slight sway indicates a casual greeting.

• A hanging tail, swinging from side to side shows impatience or fury.

• A curved tail with a twitching tip means it is annoyed.

• A lowered tail that is tucked between the hind legs indicates total submission.

• A bristled tail held down shows abject terror.

• A curved tail puffed out to twice its size signifies aggressive fear—if provoked further, it will attack.

• A fluffed out and erect tail indicates anger, which will likely lead to aggressive behaviour.

• A tail that stands stiffly in the air signifies the cat is thrilled to see you.

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