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Nine Ice Cream Loving Animals That Will Make You Smile

With temperatures set to hit in excess of 30 degrees Celsius over the next few days, Londoners are in for a wonderfully warm weekend. While our Southern Hemisphere readers may not blink an eye at such a forecast, in the UK, it’s a big deal! So what’s the best way to keep cool when the sun comes out? Ice cream of course!

And according to these cheeky animals, cones, soft serve and popsicle sticks aren’t just for humans.

Get ready to giggle…

This pug is looking pretty enthusiastic about wrapping its jaws around that cone!

Image Credit: Metro UK

This little piggy… Got stuck into somebody’s ice cream!

Image Credit: Metro UK

This shift squirrel has its ice cream eating technique down pat!

Image Credit: Metro UK

Looks like it’s a classic case of brain freeze for this Orangutan!

Image Credit: Metro UK

This kitty doesn’t look too impressed with its ice cream flavour…

Image Credit: Metro UK

Waste not want not is this duck’s philosophy!

Image Credit: Metro UK

We’re not sure the spoon is necessary but it seems to be working for this hungry goat!

Image Credit: Metro UK

Humans love waffle cones and sprinkles, so why not dalmatians?

Image Credit: Metro UK

This monkey looks like it’s willing to defend its icy treat at all costs!

Image Credit: Metro UK

Thanks to Metro UK for the cute compilation.

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