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Oct 29th – National Cat Day

Cat Day

If you love cats, then you rarely need to be told to take a single day out of the year to show your love and appreciation for these amazing pets. However, we are all celebrating National Cat Day this October 29th by putting an important spotlight on the felines in our lives and community. This is different from National Black Cat Appreciation Day, which is on August 17th. So, what can you do to show your part in this day? Here are a few suggestions and why they are important.

Support Local Shelters

You can never show your support of local animal shelters who also house and care for cats in your area. If you’ve taken a look in an animal shelter lately, you’ll notice that there are more pets these last few years due to people and families suffering from a loss of jobs, being forced to move where cats are not welcomed and various other reasons as to why they have to give their cat up for adoption by others. With this influx of cats coming into the shelters, need for both financial support and volunteers to assist in caring for these beautiful homeless animals is on the rise. Of course, the need for loving forever homes for these cats are high on the list of goals. If you can help out your local shelter, either with a donation of money, your time and effort, welcoming another cat into your family or helping those in your community to make a new connection with a cat that is looking for a loving home will go a very long way.

Participate in Local Events

This day has been around and celebrated since 2005, so check with local cat shelters and advocate groups to see if there is an event in your area where you can attend and participate. Many events help to spread the word in the community about cat care services, including spaying and neutering, as well as low-priced vaccinations. You may even find that there is an event where you can bring your cat for a parade or contest for “best looking cat”.

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

This may just be a great day to spend some quality play and loving time with the cat in your life. Bring out his favorite toys, a quality brush and perhaps a little catnip or favorite treat for him to have a special day of attention. While you may be sure to spend a little time everyday with your cat, or your cat is the type to demand such attention every day from you, setting aside a day to recognize and appreciate what your cat brings to your life is always worth it.

Check out the official website for National Cat Day, and you may even want to enter their photo contest for the chance to win a year’s worth of cat litter from Blue.



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