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11 Mother Cats Snuggling Their Kittens

These momma cats love their little ones

1. Feeding time for the others. Cuddle time for one lucky kitten.


2. It's like the kitten has a furry scarf.


3. "Dis my kitteh."


4. A boop of love is cute as can be.


5. Mom and kitten found a cozy place to snuggle up.


6. There is so much cuddling going on here, you can hardly see the kitten!


7. Great minds think alike, and these two thought about getting cozy.


8. Feeding time or snuggle surprise?


9. Momma and kitty are taking it easy today.


10. This mother cat will hug her kitten when she wants, where she wants and how she wants.


11. Who says mom can't snuggle into her kitten? No one, that's who.



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