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17 Dogs Who Will Shamelessly Ruin Your Beach Day

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A beach day with your dog sounds like fun in theory – and the day may start off great. The two of you find yourselves running around the beach, digging in the sand, and swimming in the salty seawater.

It’s all going well until that seagull lands just a little too close to your towel, or someone leaves a sandwich out on their towel.

(Seagulls are always bad news and the sandwich thing is sort of the human’s fault, right?) You see, there’s a lot that can go wrong when you mix sun, sand, and dog. Will we still let our puppers tag along? Of course. Will we always remember that time they peed on some child’s sand castle? Always.

1. “It was one time!”

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2. “Stole? More like borrowed…”

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3. Stubborn Pup Problems

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4. Dare Devil

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5. “You would think the blue and white taste different. They don’t.”

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6. The Stoner

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7. Muddy Mess

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8. “Well why were they lying on the ground?”

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9. “Is that not what we’re suppose to do?”

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10. “A swift-running African bird? Pup yeah I wanna be an ostrich.”

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11. “You still have another though!”

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12. “If you let me drive this would’ve never happened.”

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13. The Sand Snacker

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14. “Money? I ate beach money?”

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15 .“The world is my oyster and the beach, my bathroom”

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16. “So you mean this was, your shoe?”

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17. Castle Slayer

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