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Meet the Secret Service's New K-9 Celebrities

K-9 Celebrities

U.S. Secret Service K9 heroes Jordan (left) and Hurricane.


The U.S. Secret Service may not be having its best year for a variety of reasons, but don't blame the dogs. When the latest fence-jumper took his shot at storming the White House lawn on October 22, two service K-9s kept the man from reaching his destination.

Not only was the intruder stopped, but canine stars were created in the process. The pups -- Jordan, a black and tan colored 5-year-old, and Hurricane, a black 6-yeard-old -- have made a splash on the Secret Service twitter account, and have even been featured in the New York Times.

Both of the Belgian Malinois heroes took one for the team in protecting the White House. Jordan was kicked in the snout and Hurricane was shoved into the ground by the intruder.

Fortunately for the pups, a veterinarian checked them out and pronounced their injuries minor. The important thing was they did their jobs. That's not exactly surprising. These swift dogs can run up to 25 miles per hour and are trained with superior biting skills in mind.

The Belgian Malinois breed has become the go-to breed for law enforcement. The Secret Service considers them more durable and better performers in the heat than German shepherds, the New York Times reported. They can also be trained beginning at a younger age.

"As budget cuts have hit police departments across the country they’ve looked for the most cost-effective dog," breeder Jerry Mace told the Times. "Other breeds just don’t have the same longevity."

The dogs can cost law enforcement agencies as much as $8,500, but apparently they're worth every penny, to judge by Jordan and Hurricane's performance. Perhaps they will soon need their own Facebook page, though they're probably too busy taking a bite out of crime to spend much time online.



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