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10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Have you ever watched your dog sleep? His paws twitch, his tail wags and he lets out little barks. Perhaps he's dreaming of a romp through a meadow or a game of fetch with his best friend. Ever wish you could make him this happy while he was awake? You can. Here are 40 ways to brighten his day and maybe his whole life.

1. Groom often. Regular brushing doesn't just make your pooch look pretty, it also helps prevent skin disease and can strengthen the bond between you.

2. Feed him like a king. A high-quality food is vital to your dog's health and well being.

3. Banish fleas! These pesky critters can make your dog miserable, plus they can cause allergies and transmit tapeworms. Ask your veterinarian for treatment recommendations.

4. Play each day. Dogs don't understand when you say, "I had a rough day at work and I just want to lie on the couch." Take the time to play and you might be surprised how much better you'll both feel.

5. Help him age gracefully. Just like you wouldn't feed puppy food to a cat, don't let your puppy eat adult food or your senior dog eat puppy food.

6. Keep his water fresh. Would you like to drink water that's been sitting in a bowl for days? Neither does he! Plenty of fresh water is vital to your dog's good health, so keep his water dish full and change it daily.

7. Treat him to an IAMS® Biscuit. Nothing shows your love like giving your dog his favorite treat. IAMS® offers a whole range of biscuits for dogs of different ages and sizes.

8. Take a trip. Whether it's a ride out to the country or a quick jaunt to the park down the road, your dog will love the change of scenery.

9. Don't play doctor. Unless you're a veterinarian, don't try to treat your dog's ailments yourself. Medication meant for humans can have adverse effects on dogs. Your veterinarian can provide appropriate remedies and advise you on keeping a canine first-aid kit handy. It may save your dog's life.

10. Puppy-proof your home. Take a pup's eye view and look for possible dangers your house poses to your pooch. Do you see a dangling electrical cord? An inviting, open cupboard full of cleaning supplies? Sharp tools in plain view? Put away anything that could injure a curious canine.


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