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Involve your kid in caring for the pet


Whether you already have a pet or are considering bringing one home, talk to your child about the things pets need. Doing things together would bring more compassion and a sense of responsibility as your child takes on simple tasks.

However, always remember that No matter how responsible the child, all children need instruction, gentle reminders and a watchful eye.


Let you kid be a part of the following activities to start with.


Dish It Up

Teach your kid how to serve the right amount of food and water each day, and wash food and water bowls regularly.

Pet Your Pet

Everyone needs love. Show the kid how to use gentle hands as you pet and cuddle your pet.

Play Together

Pets need exercise. Play with your pet and give him plenty of space to move.

Bathe and Groom

Baths, brushing and grooming are a must for furry friends.

Visit the Vet

Pets need doctors, too. Include your child in regular well-check visits to the veterinarian.

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