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Eating a Guinea Pig

a guinea pig

Eating an animal that is considered to be a pet in your home country is always a bit strange.  While I’m all about trying new things, I’m generally not scouring the menus of local restaurants in foreign lands searching for kittens, ponies or puppies.  That being said when I found out that Guinea Pig was considered to be a local delicacy in Ecuador I was slightly disgusted and slightly intrigued.

  The guinea pigs are prepared by first being speared through the bum with a long metal rod and deep fried whole.  Their thick rubbery skin is left to dine on along with the little feet and eyes that remind you of one of those guinea pig calendars you see in the mall.  They are hacked up into large pieces and the whole thing is served to you, organs and all.  How exactly you are supposed to eat this creature I wasn’t exactly sure, but I tried and can honestly say it will be the only Guinea Pig I ever consume.  The locals call them ‘Cuy’ and below you can watch a clip of me munching on my first Guinea Pig.  If you currently have or had Guinea Pigs as a child this video may disturb you.




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