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Matilda the cat’s giant eyes

For anyone thinking that this photo is photoshopped, think again. This one-of-a-kind feline actually has enourmous eyes.

Although this may look like something out of a science fiction film, this is actually Matilda the cat and a rare disease is causing her eyes to continue growing in size, giving her an ‘alien’ like appearance.

Before anyone gets too concerned, Matilda is still a happy, pain-free cat that who can still see just like any other cat out there.

Matilda has an ocular condition that has caused her lenses to detach from her eye. This has made her pupils disappear and her eyes continue to grow over the past year. Fortunately, the only pain that Matilda’s condition is causing is the inability to diagnose. It’s puzzling to all of the vets that she has been to and a diagnosis seems like it may never come. Despite the mystery, Matilda is still an extremely happy cat who has no qualms with her giant eyes.

The future may be unknown for Matilda, but as of right now she is enjoying the simple things in life. Hopefully an answer will come as to what this disease is so that Matilda can get the proper care that she needs.



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