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Puppies have a lot of things to figure out as they grow. One of those things happens to be the very fact that they grow. At her best, Penny doubled in size every few weeks, so a couch that was out of reach at the beginning of one month was easily accessible by the end of that month. This also means Penny's been gaining strength/speed at superhero levels.

12.0"With great power comes great responsibility...to cause trouble"

Penny loves the benefits of no longer being the smallest dog on the block. Recent trips to the beach offered time for Penny to test the physics of her larger size.

12.1Better leverage? Check. Eko can no longer easily pull sticks away 12.2Larger mass? Check. Penny can now throw her weight around when playing 12.3Better acceleration? Check. There's nowhere Eko can run where Penny won't follow


12.4Longer reach? Check. Eko's length advantage is steadily shrinking


Penny certainly has a lot of things going for her, but she still has a few hard physics lessons to learn. Most notably, force equals mass times acceleration:


12.5With both pups running full speed, Penny decided to crash head on into Eko



12.6And nearly knock herself unconscious!


I love the above photos for so many reasons. Penny looks like a comic book character who just got punched and Eko's grin is priceless. Not to mention Penny's "I've made a huge mistake" face.

Penny is a powerful pup, but she's learning that power has some limits. One of which happens to be her brother's sizable rear end and thick skull!



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