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Feline First Aid

First Aid

In an emergency, having the proper supplies can save your cat's life. Most of the following items are available in drugstores. You can simply expand a human first-aid kit to serve both you and your cat. Replace any items you use.

- Scissors

- Tweezers

- Claw clippers

- Penlight flashlight

- Magnifying glass (type with light recommended)

- Examination gloves

- Rectal thermometer and lubricant

- Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70%)

- Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

- Povidone-iodine

- Antibiotic ointment (neomycin, polymixin B, bacitracin)

- Assorted sizes of sterile non-stick pads

- Gauze squares

- Cotton balls and roll

- Adhesive tape

- Roller gauze (self-adhering)

- Elastic bandage

- Eyedropper

- Syringe (needle removed)

- Syrup of ipecac (Caution: Only to be given on instructions by vet or poison control center and only in dosage specified.




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