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Imagine A World Where Dog Poop Powers Your Home. It Might Happen


There’s a theory that dog poop, and poop in general, could one day power the world. It’s totally gross, but totally cool.

Océane Izard, who studies at the Geneva School of Art and Design, has figured out a way to make, what she calls, Poo Poo Power a reality.

Here’s how it would work: First, you drop your dog’s doody into a futuristic looking waste receptacle.

Then, within 48 hours, it’s transformed into fuel with the help of microbial fuel cells.

poo poo power

Source: Geneva School of Art and Design


Every dog’s “poo-wer” output is different. A Beagle drops enough doo in one day to power a fan for two hours, while a Great Dane’s load could power your fridge.

Izard’s invention is merely a prototype, but she hopes it will become a reality sooner rather than later.

She may very well get her wish. San Francisco and other Bay Area cities have considered turning to poo in the hopes of reducing the size of landfills.

dog pooping 7

Source: Dogs Pooping


The U.K. already has a bio-bus that runs off of hooman poop (ew) and there’s a dog dung powered streetlight in Cambridge.

Izard has an ulterior motive, too. Like all of us, she’s tired of stepping in poo. She hopes this will motivate dog owners to be more responsible.

“With this machine, people will want to bring this precious gift that their dogs [give] one to two times a day.”

You hear that? Your pup’s poop is precious! Who knew?


Featured image via Dogs Pooping.



h/t Fastco Design

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