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Animals In Hats

We recently moved out to the country and began a small hobby farm. I am a lover of furry critters and photography so I knew I had to come up with a fun way to combine these two passions. I have always loved stepping outside the box and being creative when photographing animals.

Animals can be very tricky subjects to photograph but if you take your time and have fun the results can be nothing short of overwhelming cuteness!

Over the last two years I have had so much fun photographing all different animals in party hats, crowns and more to show how two simple things brought together can make something exceptionally adorable! I hope you enjoy seeing just a few of my favorites here.

More info: Instagram | www.livesweetblog.com | Youtube

Baby Pearl the Queen

Oliver the sheep, the life of the party

Goldie the goat in her pink party hat

Pretty little Margo in her flower crown

All dressed up with no place to go


Ava the Schnauzer getting ready to party

A royal bunny

Margo the lamb looking beautiful in her pink carnations

Party girl Pearl



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