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Should My Dog Wear Clothing?

Canine couture is all the rage. Dog fashion has become a multimillion dollar industry, and like it or not, it seems it is here to stay. Whether dogs need to wear clothes or not is a completely separate debate, but in many case, yes indeed dog apparel makes sense.

For dogs who are suffering from a condition that makes them susceptible and prone to chill or for puppies, older dogs, or dogs who lack a thick coat (i.

e., Chinese Crested), a form of insulation is pivotal.

What if you are a dog parent who wants Fido to wear clothes but he or she is simply opposed? Some dogs just do not like to wear clothing and they should never be forced. However, there are a few things you can try to see if perhaps the fashion aversion is temporary or can be overcome. Again, never force your dog to wear clothing or do anything that makes him or her uncomfortable.


Ensure you have the right size of clothing for your dog and that there are no elastic bands, tight areas, nor snaps or buttons that can rub, irritate, or scratch your dog. Dogs should have room and the apparel should not be too tight that it prohibits or restricts any movement.


Use the same techniques to get a dog used to clothing that you would for something like the Thundershirt. Let your dog wear the clothing in the house for a few minutes. Even if you start with 60 seconds and reward for good behavior, this is a start. If the dog shows a complete disdain for the product, never force them and remove immediately.

Personally, I act like my dog just won Westminster Kennel Club Show and throw a verbal party, “Yay Dexter, good boy, Dexter.” My dog is play motivated, so when he has a piece of clothing on we play ball for 5 to 10 minutes. Suddenly, wearing clothes means playing ball. If the clothing is something heavy, such as a sweater, playing and sweating might not be a good idea.

If All Else Fails

Some dogs are just not into clothes, and this is perfectly okay. You can bling a dog out with fun collars and leashes or a bandana.


Some dogs, like people, can have an allergic reaction to certain fabrics or materials in fabric. If a dog gets a sudden and continued case of the itches, remove the clothing to avoid problems.

Fashion Police

I’ve been to many dog events and expos, and there are some items of clothing that dogs should just simply not wear. Use good judgment when dressing up your dog, have fun, keep comfort in mind, but always but the dog’s needs and comfort first.

Does your dog run for fashion or run far away from it?



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