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The Baywatch dog who saved 27 people - Swansea Jack


Born in Newfoundland, Swansea Jack lived in the North Dock area of Swansea with his master, William Thomas. Jack was extremely responsive towards cries for help from the water and saved many people from drowning.

His first rescue mission was in June 1931, in which he saved the life of a 12-year-old boy.

Though, it went unreported.


People only came to know about this magnificent dog a few weeks later when Jack rescued a swimmer from docks in front of a crowd.


Legend has it that in his lifetime he saved 27 people from the Docks/River Tawe. He was rewarded with 'Dog of the Century' title by NewFound Friends of Bristol. Besides, he also received a silver cup from the Lord Mayor of London.

Swansea Jack is the only dog to have been awarded two bronze medals by the National Canine Defense League (now known as Dogs Trust).

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