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All Chihuahua Lovers Know These Facts To Be True

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds of dog around, but that doesn't mean they have any less love to give. For some reason, there are many, many Chihuahuas filling shelters across the U.S., and these little guys deserve to be adopted. In California, Chihuahuas make up more than 30 percent of the dogs in shelters.

Here are some wonderful truths that all Chihuahua lovers know, and why everyone else should be a Chihuahua lover, too.

Thanks to our readers on Twitter who shared their favorite things about Chihuahuas!

For being so small, they're surprisingly gutsy.




They can fit pretty much anywhere. 




Seriously though ... anywhere.




They make the perfect cuddle buddies.



The amount of sass they possess in their tiny bodies is amazing.




They're awesome at hide-and-seek.




It's easy (and too much fun) to bring them EVERYWHERE.



Because of their size, sometimes adorable adjustments have to be made.




Everything is bigger than they are and it makes for the best pictures.




Chihuahuas as puppies ... enough said.




And, most importantly, they should never be underestimated ... ever.




If you'd like to add a Chihuahua or any other furry friend to your family, check out Adopt-a-Pet to get the process started!



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