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16 Dogs Who Can't Possibly Be Comfy Like That

1. "This is how chairs are SUPPOSED to be used, right?"



Reddit: onetonne


2. "I love my food so much, I have to sleep on it."



Reddit: cocoapuff7


3. "You weren't planning to eat on this, were you?"



Reddit: DaniStormborn


4. "Mrmmmf aeddff warmmmff."



Reddit: JazRad


5. "This is good for my back. "



Reddit: superloveninja


6. "Holding your butt in the air is good for circulation."



Reddit: Poached_Polyps


7. "This way I'm always the first one to grab the remote!"



Reddit: Sepoohroth


8. "What? Are you saying I'm not beautiful?"



Reddit: jeffythunder


9. "It's always best to sleep with your feet in your face."



Reddit: gracielou87


10. "A smooshed face is a comfy face."



Reddit: axetheduck


11. "Sorry, I'm comfy here — you're just gonna have to NOT use the stairs."



Reddit: MassivePlums


12. "This is not a toilet, this is my personal headrest."



Reddit: ImQueative


13. "If your legs were this shapely, you'd sleep like this too."



Reddit: Davethewall


14. "If this coffee table isn't a dog fort what could it POSSIBLY be used for?"



Reddit: ManFromMu


15. "This is pretty comfy once you get past the lily pads."



Reddit: splat-blam


16. "This way I can look out the window MUCH easier."



Reddit: theHerbivore




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